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What does hmu mean? Actual meaning of HMU?

OMG, I was shocked to see something. Do you know what? It was a simple thing. Just one question! “what does HMU mean”? But many of the people don’t know the Specific answer to the Question. I really shocked!! 110k people still search on google this question for knowing Actually the meaning of hmu. so let’s go to know what does hmu mean.

what does hmu mean? 

HMU Shortcut mining hit me up. This means that the person wants you to hit up their inbox on the phone, or to contact them for whatever purpose it is. This abbreviation is very popular among teenagers, particularly over text and on social media. But it is also used every day more of the Students or teenagers conversation. After then I was Search deeply in online about this HMU, What does hmu mean? I really again surprised !! I got something funny. Most of the People totally change the Mining of HMU. They start to use this word around with other, most of them dirty. Like “Hold my unicorn” is one, and I’ll leave you to guess what unicorn means. More explicit are “hit my uterus” and “hump my uterus.” No, I couldn’t make this stuff up. This acronym is used to say ‘contact me’, ‘text me’, ‘phone me’ or otherwise ‘reach me to follow up on this’. It is a modern shorthand way to invite a person to communicate with you further.

Find Something New about HMU!!!

Hit Me Up” is a song by Canadian singer Danny Fernandes. The song features Josh Ramsay, lead vocalist for pop punk band Marianas Trench and rapper Belly. It was the fourth single released from his second album AutomaticLUV. The song was released in October 2011 on radio and was later released on iTunes on December 13, 2011.(source on Wikipedia)


If you not a specific word meaning that the very big issue. I have a real experience about this.

It actually happened with my friend, He just asked me:

“Is HMU a relationship/ sexual thing? Or is it just if you wanna have a chill conversation that stays strictly (in the friend zone). I just send my girlfriend posts hmu then she’s bored to see this and can’t chat with me and I’m curious. Then I say him it’s not sexual is just a normal convoy I pot ” hmu” on my snap chat when I’m bored or when I want someone to text me.

HMU use example:

If you don’t idea about of this word how to use on the various conversation, will facing the problem. so just read this picture and apply in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Friends.

what does hmu mean

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