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Processing system of Amazon delivery project within an hour

We all know about E-commerce site Amazon. Amazon is the world’s largest and most trusted online store. Two types of subscriptions are used when buying something from Amazon. One is the general account or general subscription.

2nd one is the Prime Account or the Prime Subscription which is known as Amazon Prime. Normal account holder gives Amazon their product delivery within 1 week. There is some extra benefit for Prime Subscribers. Such as the shipping time, amazone delivery within 1 day or half day of most cities in India and delivery within 1 hour to order in some places in the USA.

amazon delivery

The Amazon delivery project:

The Amazon delivery project is still limited to some US states and this project is still experimental. After the experiment, Amazon’s prime advantage could be introduced in other states of America and several other countries.But Amazon’s delivery system in the back of an hour are far more smart and futuristic than your imagination. Do you know how Amazon’s 1 Hour Shipping project is implemented? We will discuss this in today’s tune. Let’s know how Amazon is doing this One Hour shipping and behind what is the technology used.

Robot warehouse:


Amazon has its own huge warehouse where thousands of their customers are processed and ready for shipping. Amazon’s warehouses are very similar to the many fabulous robot-operated futuristic factories we see in English Movies. When a customer orders their desired product on Amazon, most of the products are done until they reach customers from their manufacturer to the high-tech warehouse.

Here are product boxes / unboxed, made for product shipping according to order and checking the product quality. All these types of work are done with the help of high power robots so that this whole work can be done very fast and that these products will be available to Amazon’s Prime Subscribers within 1 hour. Reaching is possible.

If you order product for one-hour shipping, Robots inside the warehouse gets all the information about your order from Amazon and all the products you have ordered, as well as getting your data from the nearest shelf to your product and yourself, incredibly fast these products Sends packaging to packaging counters. Even more high-powered robots pack your product and print your name and address and other information with your package and the package is ready for shipping.

Artificial Intelligence:


Your shopping has to and Amazon products you like more than you like and what kind of things you shop for, Amazon takes a variety of AI’s help. You may have noticed that after purchasing a thing on Amazon or many other online stores, you need to find other types of products that you like.

This item is most viewed in the Amazon store. Because they buy products you’ve bought before, your Amazon browsing history, and even if you need to track your mouse movement and dislike your liking and guess what you can buy in the future. This AI helps them keep your favorite products in your closest warehouse so that they can get you the product very quickly if you order them in the future.

Driverless car:


We all know less about it. Drivers are more advanced and faster and easier than normal cars. This technology is being used more slowly than uninterrupted cars. Amazon also uses this technology to implement their one-on-one delivery and other such applications. This technology does not need to say much about Amazon using this technology because you can imagine yourself how this technology can be used in product shipping.

Drone delivery:


This is the biggest step in implementing Amazon’s 1 Hour Shipping project. Seeing the title may mean how it works. This privilege is now very rare in America and it is at the experimental stage. In the areas where Amazon delivery (drone) advantage is available, if the Prime Conservatives order their product and the product is light enough to deliver on the drone, then the product directly from the Amazon warehouse will be delivered to the customer with their own drones. This technology makes the whole shipping process much easier and faster.

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