TOP 10 free apps for plan a road trip with multiple stops

Since the Smartphone has integrated a reliable GPS chip, it has mutated into a new body: the essential object when you leave home. Indeed our mobile phones allow us to save time to know the best way to move (on foot, by car, by train and even by plane), the shortest route, and information related tour, journeys and travels.

This has been possible thanks to the geo-referencing which allows to find your position on the map and to transmit it to you in real time. Here are 10 free essential applications for plan a road trip with multiple stops.

How to plan a road trip with multiple stops with this apps:

Many people attempt to visit national monuments, state, parks and different forms of toured attractions while on a road trip. Generally, the particular locations have very little or no academic or interesting data obtainable.

Therefore make the plan a road trip with multiple stops and get help below 10 android apps. Travel guides give all varieties of interesting facts and tidbits concerning the attractions. you would possibly even find out about different places near that you just wish to go to moreover. And below 10 apps provide safety ride to travel anywhere with the lowest cost.

plan a road trip with multiple stops

1.    Citymapper

The all-in-one application, it brings together metros, buses, and taxis! It will provide you with the schedules, routes, and stations closest to you. It covers all major cities, but surprisingly it has had less trouble getting real-time schedules in Hong Kong than in Paris, where RATP continues to deny real-time access to schedules. But it will come, and then the application will definitely be a must in the city! Download 

2.Google Maps

plan a road trip with multiple stops
Google Map

The best GPS app: the interface is simple, navigation a pleasure; to look for any address is almost unconsciously. Unfortunately, it does not integrate (yet) the real-time schedules of subways, buses, and others. But to move, never go out without consulting the travel time before, the app has never matched with me.


3. Waze

For drivers, it’s a very valuable application: a reliable GPS that informs you of traffic in real time and a community that shares useful information Waze also looks for the cheapest petrol stations in the area. Do you have a car? Download Waze, it’s free, what more?


4. Uber

plan a road trip with multiple stops

To say that the American company, valued today at 50 billion dollars, has changed the world is not a joke: it even created a new word entered into everyday language, urbanization – a derivative of the collaborative economy. The advantages of Uber are numerous: thanks to the application you can order your driver, know where he is in real time, estimate the price of the race, and pay without having to leave the liquid agent. Everything is done by the application, and the prices are really affordable (especially to many). A luxury that everyone can afford, irreplaceable in the city.



5. Trainline Europe (formerly Captain Train)

plan a road trip with multiple stops

If you are used to taking the train in Europe, you surely know travel-sncf. Well here is his replacement: Captain Train. The application allows you to book your journeys throughout Europe, without unnecessary advertising, and comparing prices to have a ticket as cheap as possible. Intuitive and smooth operation and a notification well placed before the departure that reminds you of the number of place and wagon (I always forget these numbers, and I look for my ticket in panic before the departure). You will even find bus rides! The application was expected, it has a privileged place on my iPhone.


plan a road trip with multiple stops
Bla Bla Car

6. Blablacar

Want to move, but the train is too expensive and walking is too far? The carpool is there, well established in our habits. And the application of the leader is obviously a reference. You will find the routes that interest you, the prices, your book and then pay, without ever making a cash transaction with the driver. Convenient, no question of money while traveling for a simpler trip. Then evaluate the driver, or if you were a driver, the passengers. If you have a car and want to change air, take the reflex to propose a trip, yours will be profitable: practical and economical!


7. Drivy

plan a road trip with multiple stops

The collaborative economy, still in again! After taxi and carpool, lend your car or rent one by the day. The app allows you to see which cars are available nearby, at what price and for how long. The application is developing internationally today, and the principle is no longer a good plan used from time to time, but a new way to move easily for cheap. And all this since your iPhone, its beautiful progress!




 8. Openbike Now

plan a road trip with multiple stops
OpenBike -Now

The application allows you to find all the Bike available around you, and the places available to park it. Based on the open data of RATP, you will have all the data in real time to move in more than 40 cities in France. In short, the application is essential for cycling in the city.


  9. Autolib

plan a road trip with multiple stops

Autolib’ is the first public service plan with electric vehicles to be developed in a large European metropolis. Autolib An innovation in urban travel that will transform our experience of cities… Once registered, you will be able to locate the nearest stations, see how many cars are available and find available parking once you reach your destination. One flaw: it does not inform you live when a place or a car is free, but for that, you can also download free Autolibre who does it very well.


 10. Hipmunk

plan a road trip with multiple stops

Hipmunk is the last free apps on this post to make an effective plan a road trip with multiple stops. The plane is now very affordable thanks to low-cost airlines that allow us to cross the continent quickly. And to do this, the Hipmunk application is the best: it is a search engine for your trips by plane. Ergonomic and fast, you will find the best prices easily. And the little extra detail: the application can classify the journeys according to the arduousness of the trip, for you to choose between comfort and price.


Feel free to take advantage of all these opportunities, you will have no excuse not to make the trip you always wanted to do. With that, I wish you a good trip to all! and if you share this post its helps for others.

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