Tuesday , May 22 2018

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Top 21 Google Maps Tips and Tricks

Google map tips and tricks

In various purposes we use Google map including measure distance to getting direction. We use frequently this handy app, it has few unique feathers. Many of us probably don’t know about these features. Today I will share 21 “Google map tips and tricks”. Describe  google map tips and tricks. 1. Distance …

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10 fiverr ideas to succeed in the fiverr marketplace


As a new Freelancer, with your skills, you can create a Gig and start your online Career. Today I will share helpful 10 effective “Fiverr ideas” to become successful in the Fiverr marketplace. Top 10 effective Fiverr ideas   1. Determine work Category: The prerequisite for working in Fiverr or online …

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Top 10 photo editing apps for iPhone

photo editing apps for iPhone

Many of us have a hobby of photography. We always keep mobile with us and mostly hold our special and important moments with a Smartphone. Smartphones are being upgraded with integrated cameras. In best brands and fair price range Smartphone cameras are actually very good. Expensive Samsung and Apple phones …

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The future of Virtual Reality Technology 2017

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Technology is widely used in smartphones, Nowadays . The dedicated device “Oculus” for Virtual Reality has struggled in competition with smartphones. With combine of virtual Reality Headset and smartphone gives an amazing “virtual reality technology” feature, which is undoubtedly futures proof. Really, the virtual technology has changed the …

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5 best flight tracker app for iPhone! Feee Download

Best flight tracker app for iPhone

Traveling Your Hobby? You travel frequently for business or office purposes? So this article most important for you. People who travel abroad almost every day, they must know the rules of flight and flight schedule. Nowadays, there are restrictions to carry the mobile phone even laptop in few airlines. Frequent travelers …

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