Sunday , March 18 2018

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How to bypass google Phone Verification of the Samsung or Android phone.

bypass google Phone Verific

Let’s say that you just lost your Mobile phone & another person found it. Normally, this person won’t be able to use This phone if you have a screen lock pattern or security PIN. In the past, Pattern or security lock is easily bypassed by simply factory resetting the device. How to bypass google Phone Verification: Now, since Google introduced the new Google Account …

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Where do Samsung And Apple produce their device by OEM and ODM

Today we will discuss OEM and ODM, Know how the product or gadgets are made in the electronics world, Who are the original manufacturer, the original design creators, And how you get a re-branded and copied phone handset. Not all companies make all of their products. Suppose you have a …

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The 5 Most Expensive selling Books in the World

There are things in the world which can never be determined by price. Book is among of them. It is not possible to measure monetary value of a book. There are a number of books of history, rare in nature or important events written in such books. And because of …

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New iphone release: iphone x 2017

Iphone x 2017

Apple will launch iPhone X in celebration of Apple’s 10th anniversary of launching first iPhone. Two other iPhone models released with new iPhone x 2017, in a splendid show at the Steve Jobs Theater in the Spaceship-Duplex Office in Silicon Valley, California. Models are iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and …

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