Top 10 New Technology in 2017

In the year 2017 has almost finished. A few months later we will calculate what we did in 2017. Every person calculates his outcomes of an entire year. The technology sector is no exception. Technology Companies are inventing more advanced and innovative technology products.

Today, we will know about the invention of 10 technologies to create history in 2017. So let’s get started to see what are the new technology 2017.

new technology 2017
new technology 2017

10 breakthrough new technology 2017:

Reversing Paralysis:




The brain lost the function of the spinal cord and lost the functioning of any part of the brain, which is primarily identified as paralysis. A paralyzed person has lost control of one or a whole number of parts of his body for a lifetime. The brain cannot reach the signal by the neurons there. As a result, that part of the body gets crippled. It’s never possible to make someone with paralysis to be completely cured again. However, in recent years France Neuroscientist Grégoire Courtine and his team are saying other think. The result of their research indicates with the help of technology paralyzed person’s previous actives will be restored completely. For this, some wire instruments must be installed in the brain.

Stimulation can be done through this device in the brain. As a result, the brain will be stimulated and able to carry neural brain signals. Already a paralyzed monkey and with permission a paralyzed man was successful cured.But Problem with this method that the brain has to use lot of wires. Grégoire Courtine and his team are trying to discover alternate methods. It is expected that in the next 10-15 years this system will reach to the public.

Self Driving Trucks:




Everyone knows about automated cars. But there is a great difference between automated cars and automated trucks. A car is for personal use. But when we are talking about the truck, we must remember that a truck carries a few tons of goods. So it is very difficult to build automated trucks from self-driving cars. But the good news is that this type of self-propelled truck has already been built, test drive made in China. This technology of 2017 is expected to be completed in the next 4-5 years.

Paying With Face:



new technology 2017

Nowadays we don’t feel direct cash transaction comfortable and safe anymore. We are use to with smart payments and we’re using it. Smart payments have been introduced to almost all around the Globe. The purpose behind starting this smart payment is to make people’s life easier. But many are not satisfied with this smart payment. Cash out money with the card by entering the PIN seems trouble for many of us.

There is another way for them. Only through your face, you can make payment. The technology is improving day by day. Android phone is enough to accurately identify faces of different people. Without a phone, there is a separate device for identifying the face.

The machine or app will keep your money from the bank account connected with your face. A lot like credit card swipe. For many, some of these things may seem impossible. Already 120 million people of China are enjoying this face service through an app called Alipay, and so far there is no problem with this approach.

Practical Quantum Computer:




new technology 2017

There is no end of imagination about quantum computers. This computer concept, with the ability to use Quantum Bits to go beyond the normal 0, 1 based digital or analogy system, is still conceived. But recent news of Google and Intel’s separate Quantum Computer Research revealed that scientists have reached a very close proximity to making a practical quantum computer. Quantum Computer will be successfully developed, considering the mankind’s greatest achievement.


And in the year 2017, when the scientists announced that they got the principles and structure of Quantum computer. It is expected that Quantum Computer will be ready within 4-5 years.

360-degree Selfie:



new technology 2017

There is nothing to say about Selfie and this one is most effective “new technology 2017”. 360-degree Selfie refers to top-bottom, round-the-clock Selfie. In order to take a 360-degree photograph, several times a picture has to take a variety of ways. It is impossible to take 360-degree photos in one click at a time. However, Harvard University made a new camera which let you take 360-degree Selfie at once. This is one of the greatest discoveries in 2017.

Hot Solar Cell:



new technology 2017

We already saw electricity from solar power. But it requires having a huge solar panel and this method is quite expensive. Moreover, there is no scope to generate electricity commercially. The newly invented small-size hot solar cell will produce electricity by converting the heat into a light bulb just like the previous solar panel. But the solar panel is much smaller than the size and capable of producing much more power than the solar panel, this technology is undoubtedly one of the best discoveries of 2017. Moreover, this type of solar cell is commercially usable and low cost.

Gene Therapy 2.0:



new technology 2017

Gene therapy has already been named the more advanced method Gene therapy 2.0. Originally this number refers to the second generation of gene therapy. It will be used as a treatment system for the prevention of various types of genetic diseases. With help of Gene Therapy possible to cure heart problems and diseases like Cancer,

The Cell Atlas:



new technology 2017

This is not actually a technological innovation. Basically it is a biological project. But considering the importance of this, it has added into the list. The project will research about the elements of Human creation. This Research leads to the human existence from zero.

Bonnet of Things:




new technology 2017

It is basically an offline form of the Internet. Everyone knows about the internet off things. After the launch of the Internet of Things, it has been found that the network has been attacked many times. The reason of hackers system has not worked properly or wasted. So the bonnet was created which will work according to the data that already stored or downloaded directly from the network. As a result, there will be no risk of internet attacks.

Reinforcement Learning:



new technology 2017

It is said to be a discovery of Artificial Intelligence. Because in this process, the computer itself is learning a lot by examining itself, which programmers could not learn by programming. This method is now being used mainly by using computer to control traffic.


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