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22 top organization list of best companies to work for.

Glassdoor – A website who reviews many companies, they have made a list of best companies to work for where you will get all the answers. Glass door has reviewed nearly half a million companies this year and has presented 50 best companies. Glassdoor basically rank them as per company’s employee’s rate, based on the company’s business strategy and some positive things. let’s see accordingly the best (22) companies information without any ranking. Then scroll and watch.

list of best companies to work for:

list of best companies to work for
list of best companies to work for

22. – know how to work hard.

Name: Salesforce

Headquarter: San Francisco

What it really is:

They primarily provide cloud computing services that help the company find and support its customers.

What did employees say?

“The very vibrant culture that focuses primarily on learning and growth and the company knows how to work hard. Socially very liberal and here’s the staff is very good and responsible.”

21. eBay – Best place to learn new things and evolving.

Name: eBay

Headquarter: San Jose, CA

What is this:

An online Internet e-commerce site that provides services for their customers online.

Their employees say:

There is a great opportunity to work with best colleagues, who are really very friendly and helfull. I learned a lot of things besides working here. This is a very good one for me… “

20. Texas Instruments – There is a huge company with huge opportunities to learn.

Name: Texas Instruments

Headquarter: Dallas

What is it:

a semiconductor manufacturing company.

What employees say:

“TI is an old company that has a very big value, but it is still one of the big competition companies in the tech world. TI is a huge company and it has many branches. So there’s a good chance to work here. “

19. NetApp – Funny Culture with Serious Tech.

Name: Netapp

Headquarter: Sunnyvale, CA.

What it really is:

Companies offer various enterprise computer storage products.

What their employees say:

The colleagues are really great! There are many opportunities to work here. The company’s environment makes you work hard and creates a great environment for your work. It is a pleasure to take part in various activities and events from here.

18. Citrix- Beautifully managed by all people, a properly operated.

Company Name: Citrix System

Headquarters: Fort Lauderdale, FL

What it does:

They create various soft wares. This software created by them can access any remote information from your PC.

What employees say:

The teams are very fast. Work balance is great. Team Level Management is uneven.

17. – A great place for your next job search.

Name: Career Builder

Headquarter: Chicago

What is it?

This is a job search related website.

What their employees say:

There are many more opportunities to go ahead. I’ve been involved here for many years. Still I learn something from here every day. The experience of working with the people here is great in one word. We all really care about this organization.

16. Apple – Greatly Recommended Salary is a highly acclaimed.

Company name: Apple

Headquarter: Cupertino, California

What it really is:

Apple Macintosh creates iPads, iPhones, iPhones and other consumer technology devices and software from PCs.

What did employees say?

Large stable companies Provide great compensation for any reason and good stock bonus arrangements. There are wide diversities in work The opportunity to work with different challenges and different products. There are many opportunities to develop your own career in technical sites.

15. Intel – The Company with the benefits of all the smart people.

Name: Intel

Headquarter: Santa Clara, California

What is this:

A semiconductor manufacturer is known for Intel’s best processor.

What their employees say:

For every two months, there is a minimum wage of two months. Here the type of work is flexible in nature. Incredibly experience working with all the smart peers. It is easy to switch any section or role. There are plenty of free class arrangements to develop careers.

14. Rack space – The Power House of Cloud Computing.

Name: Rackspace

Headquarter: San Antonio, Texas

What it actually does:

This company basically provides web hosting services.

What their employees say:

The calm environment for strong culture ideas and work, the upward mobility, the support of strong support from the directors.

13. National Instruments – Offers fun and fun work/life balance companies.

Name: National Instruments

Headquarter: Austin, Texas

What is this:

They create automatic test equipment for the construction of various tech products.

What their employees say:

Great place to start a career. There are many options and opportunities here to build you. It’s easy to find work here in any role. The action is often encouraged to save life balance.

12. Red Hat – A Unique Company Changing Current Software Industry.

Name: Red Hat

Headquarter: Raleigh, North Carolina

What it does:

Red Hat creates open source software for various entrepreneurs. Popular Linux versions and Red Hat

What their employees say:

there is a transparent environment for work. Very talented and hard-working workers; Strong culture; Company is very careful about its employees; Leading leadership team; The extent of politics is very low.

11. Math Works – A great place for people who love Granit.

Name: MathWorks

Headquarters: Natick, Massachusetts

What is this?

Creates computational software for engineers and scientists.

What their employees say:

There are many fun projects, there is much better involvement with other groups, there is a bright prospect for being successful in life. Everyone respects each other. Great work environment with separate offices and new facilities.

10. Intuit – a good company with a good salary.

Name: Intuit

Headquarter: Maunton View, CA.

What it does:

It creates various financial and tax-based soft wares for their customers and small businesses.

What their employees say:

The main focus of the company is to focus on customer focus and innovative points. All the tasks are done with utmost care and achievement. Everyone here is very smart and supportive of each other. Salary and bonuses are excellent. There is great balance in the career.

9. Riverbed – A big company that maintains a friendly relationship with everyone since the beginning.

Name: Riverbed Technology

Headquarter: San Francisco

What is this?

Software and hardware created by them help to quickly manage any enterprise networks?

What their employees say:

There are very Good environment but there is no type of arrogance and politics. Our leaders are not only super smart, but also funny.

8. Slalom Consulting – A company that gives priority to its employees.

Name: Slalom Consulting

Headquarter: Seattle

What is this?

This Company works as a tech consulting for large software projects and cloud computing in various business organizations.

What their employees say:

A senior leadership team will advise you differently and professionally. The culture here provides a different interesting environment and there are many benefits to spending time together in and outside the office.

7. – More Smart Employees on there workplac.

Name: Qualcomm

Headquarter: Diego, CA

What it does:

A semiconductor manufacturer is known as the Snapdragon processor for smartphones and other mobile devices.

What their employees say:

Energetic Leader, great opportunity to work on projects, reward system for better performance, learning and developing yourself, many opportunities, very advanced IT systems and public support, family-based companies, good facilities Everyone of this company is very smart, innovative thinking, everyone is in love with nature.

6.Interactive Intelligence – A lot of challenges and companies offering a lot of opportunities.

Name: Interactive Intelligence

Headquarter: Indianapolis, IN

What is this?

A company that produces software for telephone communication at different envoys and call centers.

What their employees say:

They provide a flexible environment, highly skilled employees, competitive compensation services, strong leadership. The company has solid finance and the nature of their work is very fast. Here are all the coolest technologies and solvents to have all the challenging problems.

5. Guidewire – A multicultural beautiful place to work.

Name: Guidewire Software

Headquarter: Foster City, CA

What it actually does:

The guidewire is a software manufacturer for various types of property and life insurance industries.

What their employees say:

Everyone here is smart and orderly. Advantages of joining a lot of social events, including short corporate politics, great salaries, and great opportunities.

4. LinkedIn – Business Companies All Companies Dear Companies a Favorite Company.

Name: LinkedIn

Headquarter: Mountain View, CA.

What is this?

A social network created for professionals. It sells premium subscriptions and job assignment services.

What their employees say:

Everyone here has made every effort to maintain the quality of their work. Inspiration from here works every day. Our work is all professional and educational, and I get advice every day about changing my life here.

3. Twitter – a successful company that maintains a successful tech company.

Name: Twitter

Headquarter: San Francisco

What it does:

This is a social media service where people can share their thoughts with 140 characters or less. They earn through various advertisements.

What their employees say:

Twitter is a very transparent place. The behavior of senior team members here is a lot more cooperative. People here are an incredibly smart Beautiful place to work. The food experience here is really great.

there is a very transparent place. The behavior of senior team members here is a lot more cooperative. People here are an incredibly smart Beautiful place to work. The food experience here is really great.

2. Facebook – A place to work perfect

Name: Facebook

Headquarter: Menlo Park, CA

What is this?

Facebook is a social networking website where people can share their thoughts and pictures with their friends.

What their employees say:

Excellent opportunities, healthcare support, modern gym arrangements. Extensive support in the tech community as a female – which is a huge bonus for me. This is quite amazing.

1. Google – Can be a life-changing experience.

Name: Google

Headquarter: Mountain View, CA.

What is this?

Operates the world’s largest internet search engines and builds Android operating systems. Google makes most of its money from the company’s advertising.

What their employees say:

There have more smart people on the workplace, they provide more benefits with smart salary. I have learned more from all over other places in my professional history. All of these people are much more helpful and fun. Working here, I think myself a lucky one.

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