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Birth Control by Computer chip implant under your skin is the future of medicine

The feature of Birth Control chip:

Computer chips from far away from birth control, A group of scientists at Massachusetts University has claimed that it is incredible. They’ve discovered a contraceptive computer chip that will run through a remote. The project is currently working with the help of one of the world’s richest Bill Gates. It will be useful for those who are interested in family planning, said Massachusetts University professor Dr. Robert Farah. It is known that the newly discovered Birth Control chip has been installed experimentally under a woman’s skin. Now she has Levonorgestrel hormone emitting from her body.

Birth Control chip
Birth Control chip

Thus, hormone emission will occur every day for 16 years. But with the help of a remote, the emission can be stopped at any time. Scientists say, 20mm By 20mm By 7mm There is another small volume of one-fifth-centimeter volume inside the chip, where Levonorgestrel hormones are preserved. After that, the ultra-thin cover of the hormone will be melt in a light electric current. After 30 microgram hormones will spread to the body.

The birth control Computer chip is deep-seated into people’s body – in the hip, inside arms or perhaps to a lower place the rear – and can be used for 16 years. The analysis on birth control chip was unbroken a secret as yet before the spokesperson for bill gates and Melinda Foundation confirmed that the beta testing for the birth control chip would be beginning towards the end of this year which they need volunteers to help in real life testing of the chip.

If all is well, the chip is likely to come commercially by 2018. It is known that the price will be kept in the customer’s ability.


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